Sunday, June 21, 2009

30 days... the count down is on!

I watched Stoneleigh Girl as she cantered down the paddock line yesterday to meet up with her BFF Tiarza, and I couldn't help but wonder if her foal was unappreciative of the jostling... and then I started to worry about her impending due date, and her being out at night... looks like paddock rearrangements are about to take place...

I am excited as ever about this foal (by event stallion, Windfall), although disappointed that my favorite pony mare would not take to him last season and Stoneleigh Girl was substituted in her place. I am always nervous about the foaling process, it is just so powerful and quick, and Lord knows when there is a problem, its always a big one. The vets' always tell me that 95% of them go fine on their own, and since we had a difficult birth with another mare 2 yrs ago, I should have met my quota already, right? My main concern is that mother and baby make it through safely... and after that, well I have all the wishes in the world...

And I am still working on a name- I'm pretty picky when it comes to names, and I want something regal and powerful, something that looks great on a stall nameplate...filly and colt names welcome!!!

So Stoneleigh Girl will get a schedule change this week to go along with her ever so slightly filling udder... and the countdown begins, foal watch central here...lights, camera, action!

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